A project by Maroussia Rebecq, co-curated by Lia Rochas-Pàris

With : Rosemarie Auberson, Pénélope Blanckaert, Coraline De Chiara, Emile Degorce-Dumas, Margaux Derhy,
Léo Dorfner, Nathalie Dufour, Adélaïde Feriot, Jacques Fivel, Jefferson Fouquet, Alice Guittard, Jean Boîte Editions, Katia Kameli, Georgia Pendlebury, Lia Rochas-Pàris, Emmanuelle Roule, Stéphane Ruchaud, Fiona Torre,
Maya-Ines Touam et Garance Vallée…

Shelves, Hangers, Desks, uses various materials : shelves, tables, hangers, creating a dialogue between art, design objects and fashion. The whole is a launching platform dedicated to emerging artists.

Shelves is a 4 meter long shelve curated by Lia Rochas-Pàris, that she conceived as an inspiration throughout many pieces of art : a collection to offer. With Rosemarie Auberson, Coraline de Chiara, Emile Degorce Dumas, Leo Dofner, Alice Guittard, Katia Kameli, Lia Rochas-Pàris, Fiona Torre et Garance Vallée.

Hangers is an installation with 3 racks, on which personalities from the fashion world, as Nathalie Dufour the ANDAM founder, Pénélope Blanckaert, a vintage expert, Georgia Pendlebury, November Magazine’s fashion editor, are presenting a selection of iconic clothes, coming from their personal wardrobe. Unique and atypical pieces !

Desks is a participatory event, a “Business is my art” like, and Maroussia Rebecq will animate this desks with brainstormings.

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