A digital exhibition curated by Elisa Valenzuela and Maroussia Rebecq

June 1st to June 16th, 2018
Opening on Wednesday, May 30 at 7pm !

Our daily visual landscape has expanded: to art, architecture, design, display, has been added the digital. The authors of “Out of Print” participate in the ennobling and enrichment of this new medium. Neither films, nor photos, nor collages, their productions are of a new kind. Digital artwork / digital creation seems to be the best way to name them.

Mostly from graphic arts schools (ECAL, Penninghen, Decorative Arts); these digital creators renew the digital language by exploring and enhancing its potential. The peculiarity of their creation is that it exists through the setting to music of three different actors. First of all, there is the creative idea driven by the author, the transformation of the concept into digital production by the coder or developer and finally the user, the instagramer, who activates it by navigating, scrolling . The experience of these creations is actually interactive: their rhythms wake us up, their references challenge us, their ingenuity intrigues us. These new contents are part of a history of the multiple arts: digital kinetics, videos; but also decorative arts: the tradition of collage; the typography. The result is always a particularly complete composition combining pattern, color, iconographic research, animation, logo or lettering.

In the end, there was only one expression to their creative demonstration: the physical dimension. Through “Out of Print”, Elisa Valenzuela and Maroussia Rebecq propose to these 18 authors this ultimate exercise and gives a new showcase to these “Enchanters of the New World”.

With: So, Atelier Val Fleury, Convoy, Damien Poulain & Damien Mortini, DVTK & Jack Wild, Edouard Granero, Elisa Valenzuela c / o Convergences, Elodie Fabbri, Golgotha, Ines Marzat, Julien Espagnon, Kaspar Ravel + AIKA Collective of humans and machines, Leslie David, Marine Giraudo & Matthieu Meyer, Minimall-consulting, NDA, Laurent Segretier and Tristan Bagot

In partnership with Art Bridge – Quad group & Artdicted

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