SEPTEMBER 6 – 22, 2018

Opening on September 6th at 6 PM !

Le Coeur invites a trio composed of WE DO NOT WORK ALONE, the online gallery LEBENSFORMEN and the artist NATSUKO UCHINO to present a selection of objects, artistic back and forth between Europe and Japan, art and crafts.

These crossed views are found around the notion of Mingei, literally association of the words “arts” and “people”. Mingeiest also the name given to the Japanese movement of the 1920s which, following Arts and Craftsen England, identifies and celebrates the daily beauty of folk crafts.

SôetsuYanagi, philosopher at the origin of the movement Mingei, craftsman of the rediscovery of ancestral Japan with the simple, demanding and sober codes, gives a definition: “It must be modest but not junk, cheap but not fragile (…) what is natural, sincere, sure, simple, these are the characteristics of Mingei. ”

For MINGEI & FRIENDS, Lebensformen offers a selection of Japanese historical pieces or inspired by the arts and crafts traditions of Japan’s Arts and Craftset.

We Do Not Work Alone presents its “Kurashiki Knotting” collection: 8 hand-knotted woolen carpets, made in Japan by the Mingeide school dyeing and weaving of Kurashiki City and designed by 8 contemporary artists (Karina Bisch, Elvire Bonduelle , Matthieu Cossé, Andre & Florentine Lamarche-Ovize, SeulgiLee, Camila Oliveira-Fairclough, Ulla Von Brandenburg, Elsa Werth).

This production is an unprecedented look worn by French artists on a unique craft tradition.

Natsuko Uchino will present new pieces for which all the know-how is put at the service of an artistic ethics belonging to the everyday uses.
A program of films and events bringing together other friends will accompany the exhibition.

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